Welcome to the fitness tracker study!

This study will take about 20 minutes and consists of three parts:

- A test of the setup process of a new fitness tracker app
- A questionnaire to give feedback on the setup process
- A questionnaire asking for some information about how you use your current fitness tracker

As a reminder, you can only participate if you own a Fitbit fitness tracker!

To check if you own one, please enter the first and last 4 alphanumeric code of your Fitbit device Serial No. below. TIP: You can check your Fitbit device Serial No.:
- on the purchase box of the Fitbit tracker, or
- on the webapp.

For the webapp, kindly log-in to the official web app and select your device. You will be redirected to the URL: https://www.fitbit.com/settings/device/tracker/<SERIAL NUMBER>. The <SERIAL NUMBER> should be your alpha-numeric serial number.

First 4:

Last 4: